Open Network Latest Articles

The Rise of the White Box in Web-scale Networking
The push toward software running on white boxes is changing how networks are architected and managed to meet the stringent demands of Web-scale networking.

Centec Networks Pushes Open Networking Options
Centec Networks adds new support for Microsoft's Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) platform, built around Open Compute Project (OCP) systems.

Voyager Shines in Sweden with Successful Trial
Facebook is evolving to become far more than social media. Its popularity as a social network is unparalleled, but its foray into networking is proving equally successful. Voyager is the industry's first white box and routing solution made available to members of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), and earlier this month it was put to the test.

Open Networking Foundation Plans SDN, NFV Future
A new roadmap emerges from the Open Networking Foundation, which describes the near-term future of both SDN and NFV operations.

Edgecore Networks' Open Networking Push Adds New Designs
Edgecore Networks recently offered new designs for open networking, including new switches, open Wi-Fi access points, and more.

UNH-IOL Promotes Open Networking with ONIE Logo Certification Program
The launch of a certified Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) Logo Certification Program by University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) will promote interoperability in open networking.

Cord Project's Open Networking Moves Include xRAN Foundation
Cord Project adds xRAN Foundation's work in radio access networks to create further advancement in the open networking field.

ECOMP, OPEN-O Orchestration Efforts to Merge
ECOMP and Open Orchestrator Project (or OPEN-O) will be merged under the new Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project of The Linux Foundation. AT&T, Amdocs, Bell Canada, Cisco, China Telecom, China Mobile, Ericsson, GigaSpaces, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Orange, VMware, Tech Mahindra, and ZTE are the founding members of ONAP.

Open Innovation Pipeline Looks to Stop Open Networking Proprietary Solutions
Open Networking Foundation (ONF) has unveiled Open Innovation Pipeline (OIP) along with Open Networking Lab (ON.Lab) to stop vendors that are using open source platforms from building propriety solutions as both organizations continue to strengthen open source SDN, NFV and cloud initiatives.

Companies Working on 5G Networking
Radisys and China Unicom are collaborating on 5G networking implementation.

Luxar Tech's Leap Forward in Open Networking
Luxar Tech shows off a new advance in open networking: a 100G Network Packet Broker that can offer scalable network monitoring.

Open Networking's Future Poised to Unify
Two separate forces in the field of open networking-the ONF and ON.Lab-are set to join forces under a new agreement.

The DOE Forms Cybersecurity Team With Open Networking Specs
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced the formation of a cybersecurity team to lower its exposure to cyberattacks at industrial and utility mission-critical networks with open networking specification using OpenFlow.

SnapRoute Lands Funding to Push Open Networking
SnapRoute takes in $25 million funding round in a new push to drive open networking forward.

Big Switch Networks Drives Open Networking Push
Big Switch Networks adds a new set of capabilities for its Big Cloud Fabric system, lending new capacity to open networking operations.

Avaya Wins TMC SDN Award
Technology Marketing Corp. has presented Avaya with its 2016 SDN Product of the Year Award. The vendor received the accolade for the Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare solution.

Avaya Wins TMC SDN Award
Technology Marketing Corp. has presented Avaya with its 2016 SDN Product of the Year Award. The vendor received the accolade for the Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare solution.

Calix Lifts Curtain on Software-Defined Access
Service providers already have their backs against the wall as a result of the barrage of OTT services in recent years, so the operational challenges and expense of introducing new services can be quite prohibitive. This week, Calix, Inc. announced a new software-defined offering set to speed up new service delivery and reduce time in the testing lab, BSS and OSS integration and certification - AXOS Sandbox.

Cumulus Express Accelerates Web-scale Networking with Open Networking
Cumulus Networks announces its first turn-key deployment offering with Cumulus Express to accelerate Web-scale networking with 1G through 100G hardware and open networking software.

Taiwanese University Deploys SDN and Open Networking with Brocade
Feng Chia University has deployed Brocade's solutions to leverage SDN and open networking technology to deliver new network services for the institution.

Barefoot Networks Adds Partners to Open Networking
With a substantial investment package behind it, Barefoot Networks sets up new partnerships to drive open networking capability forward.

Dell EMC Introduces Two New Open Networking Switches
Dell EMC is expanding its portfolio of Open Networking switches with the N3132PX-ON and N2128PX-ON that will deliver 2.5 and 5 Gbps capabilities.

VMware Becomes Part of the Open Networking Movement by Joining OPEN-O
VMware becomes part of OPEN-O as a platinum member to increase the adoption of open networking solutions with standards-based orchestration for SDN and NFV.

Advanced Network Monitoring an Intuitive Part of SDN Deployments
SDN and SD-WAN deployments are on the rise and are intuitively autonomous and intelligent, making them an ideal fit for advanced network monitoring and management.

Lanner's New Hardware Bolsters Open Networking
Lanner rolls out a line of white box hardware tools meant to improve open networking operations and drive NFVi deployments.

Cumulus Networks Steps Up Open Networking
Cumulus Networks steps up its open networking operations with the new Cumulus Linux 3.2.

Cisco Expands Opportunities for Open Networking
Cisco introduces a cloud-scale networking solution to support open networking for service provider clients.

AT&T, Ciena, Fujitsu Test Open ROADM
AT&T has been engaged in an Open ROADM interoperability field trial with Ciena and Fujitsu. Like Facebook with its Voyager effort, this carrier effort aims to make optical networking more open and agile.

AT&T, Ciena, Fujitsu Test Open ROADM
AT&T has been engaged in an Open ROADM interoperability field trial with Ciena and Fujitsu. Like Facebook with its Voyager effort, this carrier effort aims to make optical networking more open and agile.

Bell Canada Buttresses its Open Networking
Bell Canada works to address new open networking options by testing AT&T's ECOMP platform in SDN functions.

ZTE Passes PoC Test With Open Networking Foundation
The ZTE NR8000 Microware has passed Open Networking Foundation's wireless proof of concept (PoC) test with software defined networking (SDN) along with the participation of several vendors.

Radisys Supplies New Open Networking Specification
Open networking has a new ally today as Radisys' CG-OpenRack-19 specification gained acceptance from the Open Compute Project.

Pica8, Cloudistics Step Up Open Networking
A new combined effort between Cloudistics and Pica8 means new advances for open networking in large-scale infrastructure projects.

Comcast Steps Into Open Networking Projects
Comcast joins up with ON.Lab, adding new weight to open networking and to its own projects.

Brocade Provides Quanta With Software-Defined Networking
Brocade provides Quanta Computer with networking technology so it can deploy Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to bring its manufacturing facilities together.

Pica8 Poised to Make a Splash in Several New Technologies
Pica8 to drive open networking advancements as part of new Inventec options.

Flexibility or Performance? Netronome Delivers Both
Marc Andressen famously noted years back that software is eating the world, and today we are seeing this in the growing adoption of burgeoning technologies like NFV and SDN. While adoption grows as a result of software's flexible and cost-saving nature, with every decision comes consequences, and in regard to virtualization it tends to take shape in performance.

Centec, EmbedWay Partner on 10GE SDN White Box
Centec and EmbedWay have come together to deliver a 10GE SDN white box. This is important because open networking and white boxes are gaining traction with businesses and service providers.

Metro Networks About to Get a Shot of SDN / NFV with New Coalition Project
Brain4Net, Edgecore Networks, NoviFlow team up to deliver new SDN / NFV solution proof of concept.

ADTRAN-Spirent PoC Fully Automates the On-boarding Process for 10G Services
The complexities of information and communication technologies is responsible for limiting a wider adoption of solutions that are essential for many organizations. Simplifying the process of deploying, operating and maintaining new technologies can increase the number of users while at the same time giving them the confidence to address issues that can affect the quality of service. As part of the MEF16 Proof of Concept (PoC) Showcase, ADTRAN and Spirent demonstrated the future of user driven services of fully automated provisioning and assurance of Carrier Ethernet (CE) services over SDN-controlled NG-PON2 networks.

Mellanox Aims to Enable Rapid Prototyping with New OpenNPU SDK
Mellanox Technologies Ltd. now offers a software development kit and is launching a university program in an effort to move open and software-defined networking forward.

SnapRoute and Dell EMC Increase Contribution to Advance OpenSwitch Project
The OpenSwitch is a Linux Foundation project established to bring together contributors that are focused on a full-featured networking operating system and control plane built on Linux. The goal of the project is to enable the transition to disaggregated networks in an ecosystem that encourages collaboration for top developers and companies so they can accelerate open technology development and commercial adoption. By announcing they will increase their contribution to the OpenSwitch project, SnapRoute and Dell EMC will push for the advancement of a complete open source network operating system (NOS).

ONUG: 2017 Will Be the Tipping Point for SD-WAN
The Open Networking User Group at ONUG Fall 2016 proclaimed 2017 as the year in which SD-WAN solutions will go mainstream.

Big Switch Networks Makes Big Jump to UK
For those hoping to see Big Switch Network cross the pond to the U.K., your wish is about to come true thanks to a set of new contacts, a sound base of paying customers, and a market that's clearly eager for more software-defined networking (SDN) services. This is a development that will likely prove concerning to Cisco, who has held the whip hand in the application centric infrastructure (ACI) business in the region for some time.

Working Toward More Accessible and User-Friendly Public Cloud Infrastructure
Making public cloud infrastructure more user friendly for enterprises was at the top of the agenda at the recent Open Networking User Group (ONUG) annual fall meeting. The group, which created a new Hybrid Cloud Working Group earlier this year, is working to help public cloud vendors better meet the needs of customers from a usability perspective.

Netronome Introduces Express Virtio
Netronome is now in betas with Express Virtio versions of its Agilio OVS, Agilio OVS Firewall, and Agilio vRouter. Production versions of the software are slated for availability in the fourth quarter of this year or first quarter of next year.

SDN Pioneers Partner to Push Adoption & Innovation
Software Defined Networking is surging currently. Curiosity in this burgeoning technology is resulting in high levels of development, pushing the line of what is capable in today's networking environment. As a result of this growing interest and expanding adoption two pioneers in this arena joined forces to accelerate the SDN push.

Infinera Establishes Interoperability with OIF, ONF Memberships
Interoperability is a wonderful thing, and generally for every side of the equation. Not only do businesses get more access to new components and equipment, but those who supply such materials get access to more markets. Recently, Infinera opened up its own borders with a new interoperability connection, joining both the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

Pica8 Puts You in the Driver Seat with Industry First Implementation
Market leadership is no small task. It leaves no room for resting on laurels, especially in regard to technology. As we watch software development take center stage with SDN and the like, to remain ahead of the competition is much easier said than done. One firm, focused on leading way, Pica8, announced the first OpenFlow 1.5 implementation for white box switching this week.

NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology Reveal NaaS Solution
Generating new sources of revenue for traditional communication service providers (CSP's) is becoming increasingly more difficult. One of the ways CSP's are overcoming this hurdle is by introducing new products to market much faster via virtualized network infrastructure. The availability of the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution from NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology will, according to the companies, help service providers generate new revenue in both B2B and residential markets.

Mellanox Offers Linux Kernel Driver on Spectrum Switches
Mellanox Technologies Ltd. now offers a standard Linux kernel driver for its Open Ethernet, Spectrum switches.

Coriant Prepares New Platforms to Show Off
Interoperability is one of the greatest selling points around for just about any piece of software or hardware. The knowledge that a new system of any sort will work well with what's currently in place can be a great calming measure to those concerned about bringing in new material. Coriant is set to join in a new demonstration of interoperability itself, bringing out a couple of platforms to help demonstrate interoperability in an Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) setting.

Black Duck CTO Talks Open Source, Security at AstriCon
Businesses have broadly embraced open source, enabling greater opportunity to add new functionality to applications. But organizations need to pay attention to the security of this software and be proactive in addressing vulnerabilities when they come to light.

Fortinet Establishes Fabric-Ready Partner Program
A dozen companies have signed on to participate in Fortinet's new Fabric-Ready Partner Program, the company announced this week. That includes Brocade, Carbon Black, Centrify, Nozomi Networks, Palerra, Pulse Secure, Qualys Inc., Tufin, UBIqube, VeriSign Inc., WhiteHat Security, and Ziften.

Inocybe Announces Fremium OpenDaylight Solution
Inocybe Technologies today announced that it is providing free access to a community version of its Open Networking Platform. As a result, users can create customized OpenDaylight distributions from one of the recipe-based use cases in the platform. The company is apparently using the free version as a means to drive potential uptake of its subscription-based services.

STORDIS, Edgecore Networking Driving New European Front for Open Networking
Open networking has seen a lot of growth in the last couple of years, and driving that growth is a slate of moves like those found recently between Edgecore Networking and STORDIS. This new combined effort is set to give the duo a whole new push into the European marketplace.

Ecode Networks Helps Open Up SDN with New Training, Certification Courses
While software defined networking (SDN) hasn't made quite the splash of its close cohort in the field, network functions virtualization (NFV), there's little doubt that it's gained its share of ground over the last couple of years and is becoming a bigger part of operations. Finding people qualified to work with SDN is proving difficult on some fronts, and Ecode Networks is out to make it a little easier with a newly-launched SDN training and certification course.

Orange Turning to AT&T for Open Source Help in SDN Development
Software-defined networking (SDN) is on a rise, and though it's not quite as fast-rising as its direct cohort network functions virtualization (NFV), it's still got a lot of upward momentum behind it. One of the world's great names in mobile networks, Orange, is turning to another great, AT&T, for a little open source help in driving its own SDN operations via AT&T's Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy (ECOMP) platform.

Inocybe Unleashes OpenDaylight Offering, Announces Solaris Support
The OpenDaylight platform from Inocybe is now available and supports Oracle Solaris, the company announced the week.

As Telcos Struggle to Profitability, Change is a Must
No company wants to be in a market where traffic is increasing, yet revenues are on a steady decline. Unfortunately, that is the state of reality for too many telcos. If change is not an option, many will find it hard to remain relevant and profitable. In a market where open networking and content creation are king, it's time for telcos to make a change.

Mellanox Integrates Cumulus Linux OS in Ethernet Switches
Cumulus Networks' Linux 3.1 is now supported on four new Ethernet switch platforms from Mellanox Technologies Ltd. That, the companies say, will provide users of these switches with the ability to benefit from web-scale IT efficiencies, better packet performance, and strong predictability.

Serro Partners with Inocybe Technologies for OpenDaylight SDN Deployments
High-speed mobile broadband services continue to put pressure on CSPs and network operators as they face increasing capital and operational expenditures (CapEx and OpEx). The industry as a whole is looking to network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN) to lower the total cost of ownership, as well as the CapEx and OpEx. As more organizations adopt NFV and SDN, resources such as the OpenDaylight Project (ODL) become that much more important to follow standards across the board to effectively use the technology.

Pluribus Puts Virtualization-Centric Fabric on Display
The cloud and virtualization are not passing fads; as a matter of fact, they are here for the long haul. As firms continue to move toward digital transformation, these burgeoning areas of development prove indispensible. Industry events prove exceptional mediums for demonstrating innovation in the space, and as is the case since its inception, VMworld continues to prove to be a bastion of announcements, innovation and excitement.

Arizona State University Selects Brocade to Power Research Initiatives
As the largest public university by enrollment, Arizona State University (ASU) had more than 82,000 students in 2014. When you add faculty and other staff members, the network needed to deliver information and communications technology services is practically that of a small city, but with the added requirements for facilities that conduct highly resource intensive research. In order to ensure the universities innovative research projects don't encounter network related problems, Brocade has been selected to deploy ASU's software-defined network (SDN).

PLUMgrid's New CloudSecure System Means Better Protection for Cloud-Based Systems
With cloud-based systems' use increasingly on the rise throughout the business community, it's not a great leap to note that we need better security on those systems to help ensure the data contained therein doesn't fall into the wrong hands. PLUMgrid has one terrific new option for those putting containers and OpenStack cloud systems to work in its recently-launched CloudSecure system.

Open vSwitch Joins Linux Foundation and Takes Prominent Role in Network Transformation
The march toward open source technologies and solutions has become pervasive in the networking world as developers look for new ways to improve network speeds and efficiencies. The open source virtual switch initiative, Open vSwitch (OVS), is one of the key networking solutions, designed to help networking keep pace with cloud computing and virtualization initiatives.

Pica8 Picks Stordis for European Distribution
The power of choice is something special in today's vendor driven networking environment. Once merchant hardware is in place, a firm should be able to build a network to support traffic needs, and have the scalability to meet demand over time. A prominent player in Software Defined Network (SDN) Solutions, Pica8 provides customizable application performance via its Linux-based PicOS network operating system, and today announced its selection of Stordis to serve as its European distributor.

Centrify Joins Open Network Insight Security Project
For more than 10 years, Centrify has built software that allows businesses to manage individuals' network identities. It has even created a cloud computing service for that task that can reach across multiple networks and centralize management of such locations.

Huawei Launches Four Linked Cloud Open Labs to Accelerate Telco Cloud Migration
The demand for access by consumers and organizations alike is pushing telecoms to migrate to a virtualized infrastructure that is better able to address the complete digital transformation that is taking place. Huawei, a global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, is front and center in its views regarding this issue which has led the company to build open labs to accelerate the cloud migration by telcos.

Open Source CORD Project Brings Telecom to the Cloud Using SDN and NFV
The impact of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) in the communications space has been profound. Networks are being re-architected using a software-defined model, the structure of the data center has been overhauled, and enterprises are getting in on the game, adopting SD-WAN solutions and services at a rapid rate.

Raspberry Pi Proves Great Basis for SolidRun's New Open Networking Kit
Raspberry Pi may sound like a great dessert for a warm summer night, but for the technologically-savvy, it means a lot more than a tasty fruit pastry. It means great potential, potential SolidRun out of Israel used to great effect in recently creating its own open networking kit inspired by the technology.

ONOS Project Introduces Leaf-Spine Fabric for Software-Centric World
Software-centric data centers can now be much higher performance and more scalable due to a new open source, white box-based leaf-spine fabric made available by the ONOS Project. This is considered an industry first, and CORD will be among its first applications.

Open Networking User Group to Deliver Vision of Open Infrastructure
The rapid developments in IT are impressive, but often times many organizations, especially SMBs, are not able to take advantage of the opportunities they offer because of the complexities associated with them. The segment is so far-reaching, it is almost impossible for any one given entity or individual to keep track of the latest developments, and more importantly apply them to their particular needs. The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) is a community of IT executives who have come together to create a business value by enabling more choice and options for IT business leaders by supporting open interoperable hardware and software-defined infrastructure solutions.

Pica8 Newest Member of HPE SDN Ecosystem
If you haven't noticed, software is eating the world. Rigid, costly and inefficient hardware is giving way to a software-based reality, which is already displaying a multitude of benefits to IT departments everywhere. With success in the data center, enterprise and beyond in its brief but distinguished history, software-defined networking (SDN) is revolutionizing networking. This week, Pica8 and HPE made it a little easier to make your own custom, open, leading edge applications, as Pica8 is the newest member of the HPE SDN ecosystem.

AT&T Throws Open the Curtains, Reveals Network Playbook to Open Source Community
"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." That old quote from Isaac Newton may seem like false modesty-Newton wasn't exactly a slouch in the field-but he had a point about how science builds from the successes of the previous generation. That's a quote that a lot of developers will be turning to now that a giant in the field, AT&T, has turned its "network playbook" into an open source property.

SevOne Creates New READY Alliance to Encourage Development of Performance Monitoring Solutions
SevOne recently announced the formation of the SevOne READY Alliance Program (SRP), which provides an environment for participating vendors to showcase their solutions running on the SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform (SDIMP). SevOne hopes that the new program is win-win for everyone involved as it not only helps these vendors promote their solutions, but also provides potential customers with products that meet their needs, as well as helping SevOne increase its brand awareness.

IP Infusion Brings the OcNOS Operating System to Edgecore Networks Switches
The Open Compute Project recently got a shot in the arm with a new development from IP Infusion. The company brought out a new release called OcNOS, a complete network operating system, that now supports the Edgecore Networks line of open network switches. That means OcNOS is now backing the largest source of network designs for the Open Compute Project, and gives open networking in general a lot to be happy about.

Avaya's Architecture Changes Out to Improve the IoT Experience
In many ways, the Internet of Things (IoT) is still a fairly new technology, and one with plenty of room to grow and improve. Avaya is capitalizing on this, drawing on the power of open networking and changing its architecture to make IoT use not only easier, but also more secure.

A Big Step for eintelligo Networks as it Embraces Open Networks from ONIE
Open networks, particularly those based on the open network install environment (ONIE) principles, have been a big part of operations for eintelligo Networks for some time now, and, thanks to its own work in the sector, the move toward ONIE open networks is proceeding apace.

Red Hat OpenShift Now Supports Diamanti
The ongoing Red Hat Summit conference has again seen its share of new software and hardware developments from its various attending enterprises. Diamanti, a company that tackles the use of containerized workload in business networking, took the event to announce its support for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a platform-as-a-service offering that keeps businesses' running applications inside Docker-formatted Linux containers.

Two Major Ethernet Groups Connecting Protocols to Promote Open Industrial Automation
In a significant move toward open and converged networking standards, two major industrial Ethernet organizations are working together to develop connectivity between their respective protocols. PROFIBUS & PROFINET International, developers of the PROFINET Ethernet protocol, announced cooperation with the CC-Link Partner Association, responsible for the CC-Link IE protocol.

PicOS 2.7.1 Features Flow Management and Scalability
PicOS 2.7.1 marks AdvanceFlow's introduction into the market. This set of features provides customers an improved ability to scale by allowing for more granular workflow management in addition to optimization.

Avaya is Latest Company to 'Brite Box' Its NOS
Today, more and more companies are embracing the open networking concept. Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Juniper Networks are three of the companies responding to enterprises and service providers who want greater agility, programmability and affordability in their networking environments. The latest companies to take this step is network solutions provider Avaya, which recently announced that it's making its network operating system (NOS) available on third-party industry-standard hardware.

NEC Finalizes Second Multi-Vendor Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept
Wireless technology has become the preferred way in which people communicate in their personal and work lives. This has strained the resources of network operators as they try to manage high bandwidth intensive services. While the introduction of software based networking has improved fixed lines, wireless networks are still facing challenges. The successful completion of NEC's second multi-vendor Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept (PoC) with the Open Networking Foundation's (ONF) Open Transport Working Group is laying the ground work for introducing the same improvements to wireless networks.

Open Source Networking Becoming a Competitive Technology Requirement
Today's networking climate is undergoing an evolution as mobile device usage accelerates at an unprecedented pace and the cloud finds serious traction in the enterprise space. One of the underlying principles of networking these days is that different networks, devices, applications and services need to play well together to survive.

Linux Foundation Offers Open Source Education
As open source and open networking continues its migration to forefront of innovation a key hurdle still remains: education. Ideas are great, but putting ideas into practice prove challenging when the awareness is not there. For this reason, the Linux Foundation created its newest training course, "LFS265 Software-Defined Networking (SDN) With OpenDayLight."

Fuel Your Agile IT Success with a Modern Requirements Tool
As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for easy integration of Agile software development tools.

Scaling in the Data Center Matters
In a world where data is everything, there has to be a better way to capture, manage and use this growing amount of data for the advancement of your organization. Data is business intelligence and it allows you to know more about your customers, your market and your opportunities. To do so, you need data center solutions that embrace open networking and can scale accordingly.

PLUMgrid Gets Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 Certification
When companies deploy new digital solutions, they want the process to be as simple as possible while increasing efficiency. This is easier said than done when you take into consideration different vendors, hardware and software that are part of the ecosystem of any given organization. By achieving the Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8 certification for its Open Networking Suite (ONS) 5.0 for OpenStack, PLUMgrid will be able to simplify and accelerate OpenStack cloud deployments for organizations looking to deliver advanced network services.

CIO Survey: Cisco Drops to No. 2 Key Enterprise Infrastructure Supplier
Companies and their networks are undergoing a whole lot of change, and the vendors that have historically been the arms dealers for network engineers have to go with the flow. Cisco Systems is seen as the vendor with the most to lose, considering it's long been the leader in enterprise networking.

SK Telecom Pushes for Telecoms to Adopt Open Datacenter Operation Model
One of the primary goals in computing that underlines every discipline is usability. Without a clear path to new mobile services, consumers will not use them. Furthermore, without a clear path to mobile service development, service providers will shy away from the creation process.

New Advocacy Group Proposes Technologies to Enable SDN in the Enterprise
The benefits of software defined networking (SDN) are obvious for service providers and mobile operators, and the path to adoption is relatively clear.

To Escape Human Error, US Military Seeks to Embrace Technology Automation
There are a number of advantages we've gained from technology innovation. One that is arguably delivering the most benefit is automation, especially in open networking.

Choice is Driving Innovation in Today's Open Network Landscape
Networking equipment and solutions are one of the few major areas of technology where diversity is somewhat lacking.

Microsoft's Azure Keeps Innovation a Top Priority in Open Networking
The demand for scalable, programmable and high-performance is everywhere, and open networking helps to bring this reality to dynamic environments that need scalable solutions.

OpenFlow Advancements Support SDN in the Data Center and Beyond
The growing popularity of software defined networking (SDN) in the data center has resulted in a number of benefits, including speeding up service deployments.

NFV Benefits Include Both COTS Software Savings, Faster Turn-up Times
Network functions virtualization is most frequently described as a method of instantiating network functions in software only, so network operators can run that software on the hardware of their choice.

Verizon Transitions to NFV and OpenStack in US Data Centers
Many companies are moving their workloads into the cloud and utilizing the OpenStack infrastructure-as-a-service model to help them reach their goals.

Advancements in SDN Technology Aim to Take the Center Out of the Data
Software-defined networking continues to pop up in conversation, but not everyone understands the value or where it can be used to deliver on expressed promises.

SDN Can Sell Itself to Corporate Decision-Makers with Proper Planning and Analysis
Software-defined networking (SDN) is steadily permeating all aspects of the technology sector, providing benefits and efficiencies to service providers, data centers and enterprises alike.