Open Network Featured Articles

Juniper Contributes OpenContrail Codebase to Linux Foundation
Juniper Networks is contributing its OpenContrail codebase to the Linux Foundation. As for OpenContrail, that is Juniper's open source network virtualization platform for the cloud.

CORD 4.1, ONF Taking Operators to the Edge
The Open Networking Foundation unveiled enhancements to the Central Office re-architected as a datacenter (CORD), which now offers a single platform for multi-access edge.

DCspine Delivering for EuroFiber
This week, Dell EMC Networking announced it is lending Eurofiber a hand in offering a new way for data center interconnectivity for customers migrating to the cloud. EuroFiber leveraged Dell EMC Networking Z9100-ON open switches to support the EuroFiber DCspine gain a fully-automated, scalable and high capacity data center interconnection platform.

ONAP Nets Four New Members
This week, ONAP announced the addition of four new members to its ranks. The new members include LG Uplus Corporation, KT Corporation, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Hangzhou Eastcom Software Technology Corporation. The newly minted members join over 50 technology leaders and service providers to create a neutral automation platform.

Telco TIM Considers ADTRAN's SD-Access
Italian telco TIM has signed on to evaluate ADTRAN's SD-Access solution. This offering, called Mosaic, helps service providers automate control and network management processes to reduce human resources requirements and enable customers to self-provision services.

ONAP Releases Amsterdam for Automation, Orchestration
The Open Network Automation Platform Project released its first platform. It's called Amsterdam. And it provides a unified architecture for service automation and orchestration.

ECOMP, OPEN-O Orchestration Efforts to Merge
ECOMP and Open Orchestrator Project (or OPEN-O) are merging under the new Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project of The Linux Foundation.

HPE ProLiant DL385 Offers Big Savings
Hewlett Packard Enterprise says its ProLiant DL385 Gen10 server delivers comparable performance per virtual machine as a traditional server, but at half the cost.

Marvell to Buy Cavium for $6B
Two weeks after Broadcom made a move to buy Qualcomm, there's another important semiconductor pairing afoot. This new one involves Marvell Technology Group acquiring Cavium Inc. for about $6 billion.

What New with MEF's 3.0 Framework
MEF's 3.0 framework delivers expanded community collaboration; open LSO APIs; certifications; and standardized, orchestrated services.

MEF 17 Stage for ONAP, Fujitsu Innovation
Fujitsu will debut a Proof of Concept this week at MEF 17 that highlights the successful demonstration of network data collection and analytics to promote SDN-controlled service assurance. The PoC comes as a product of collaboration with other ONAP members with the aim of forwarding the mission of providing open, agile, assured and orchestrated services.

Pica8 Plans to Introduce Retailers to PicOS
Pica8 plans to unveil, PicOS network operating system for retailers at the National Retail Federation's annual trade show and conference. The preeminent provider of open networking solutions is providing the retail industry with a value proposition that is difficult to deny.

Ixia NVOS is Software-Only NPB
Ixia's new Network Visibility Operating System turns open networking switches into network packet brokers.This is a software version of the Keysight Business company's network packet broker product. Ixia's NVOS was designed to runs on open networking switches from companies like Edgecore Networks.

AT&T Says AI for All
This week, AT&T announced its wishes to make AI available to all, and in order to deliver that it is collaborating with Tech Mahindra to develop Acumos - an open source AI platform hosted by the Linux Foundation to enable easier building, sharing and deployment of AI applications.

ADTRAN Gets Organized with CCS's Metnet
ADTRAN is expanding its portfolio through a new arrangement with Cambridge Communication Systems of the U.K. CCS will provide its Metnet self-organizing millimeter wave backhaul solution to the Huntsville, Ala.-based business. Metnet complements ADTRAN's SD-Access based NG-PON2 solution for 5G backhaul.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation Attracts New Members
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has significantly expanded its membership. Newcomers include Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley, GitHub and GitLab, Qualcomm and Zendesk, Reddit and The New York Times Co, and 22 others.

OPNFV Introduces Euphrates
This week, OPNFV unveiled OPNFV Euphrates, the fifth platform coming as a result of the project. In broad strokes, OPNFV Euphrates offers Kubernetes integration for the first time, in addition to cross-community continuous integration as well as improved network visibility.

ZTE Now CNCF Gold Member
CNCF named ZTE Corporation as its newest member this week, joining the foundation as a Gold Member ready to aid in sustaining and integration open source technologies like Prometheus and Kubernetes. Per recent research from Forrester, Chinese companies will play a major role in the cloud era.

FRINX Introduces New OpenConfig Solution
FRINX has come out with a new version of its OpenConfig-based network automation solution. The one-year-old Slovakian company also has introduced a Unified node manager module. Version 3.1.0 of the FRINX ODL network automation solution delivers out of the box automation capabilities for many devices and services from an array of suppliers.

Edgecore Contributes Disaggregated OLT Design to OCP
OLT devices terminate the optical distribution network link in the central office. But new virtualized OLTs like the one Edgecore Networks offers can replace proprietary OLT devices with a combination of commodity hardware and open source software. That allows service providers to deploy 10G PON services from CORD infrastructure - and to enjoy lower their equipment costs, and the ability to introduce and improve services more quickly, as a result.

Dell EMC Aims to Disrupt Data Centers
Dell EMC has unveiled two data center switches that are based on merchant silicon and aim to do work traditionally handled by routing solutions. The company also has introduced new software and SD-WAN offerings.The switches are called the S4200-ON and S5048-ON.

Barefoot, Google Cloud Promote P4 Runtime
Barefoot Networks and Google Cloud have created the P4 Runtime open source project and integrated the solution with the ONOS controller. P4 is a new open source programming language for networking.

Linux Foundation Stages Regional Open Source Events
The Linux Foundation next week will begin its Open Source Networking Days. These are free day-long regional events. They're organized by local open source networking groups, Linux Foundation members, and open source projects.

ONAP Adds Six Members
ONAP announced six new members to the project this week, including: Equinix, FiberHome, Kaloom, Netsia, Openet and ZTEsoft. The newly minted members join over 50 global service providers in the mission to develop a vendor neutral automation platform for services, infrastructure and the network to aid service providers, enterprises and cloud providers.

RAD, Advantech Unveil uCPE Carrier-Class White Box
RAD and Advantech announced a new partnership, which is resulting in the launch of a joint solution, making network edge virtualization front and center. The solution is an enhanced version of Advantech's universal CPE (uCPE) white box with enhanced performance assurance capabilities coupled with carrier-class service demarcation.

ONF Puts M-CORD on Display at MWC Americas
At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress Americas, ONF and the M-CORD project put progress on display. Showcasing a solution based on the CORD Platform, and hosted by the ONF, the display highlighted how the platform is leveraging cloud-native approaches to support the needs of mobile operators.

ONF Completes Merger, Says What's Next
ONF, ON.Lab close the deal, announce Fuetsch as chair, welcome Turk Telekom, and add three new projects.

Radisys Stages CORD PoCs at MWC
This week, at Mobile World Congress Americas, Radisys Corp is showcasing Multi-Access CORD and Extensible RAN proof of concepts.

ONAP Adds Vodafone as Platinum Member
Direct from the Open Source Summit North America, Vodafone announced that it is the newest member of the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project.

Faction Moves Into CoreSite Data Centers
Private cloud and backup infrastructure provider Faction is now leveraging the Northern Virginia and Silicon Valley data center assets of CoreSite Realty Corp.

Radisys Reveling in Open Network Solutions
Open Radisys is committed to disruption in this era of disruption. As CSPs invest in maturing technologies like SDN, NFV, the cloud, the value in open principles become self evident - such as avoiding vendor lock in, a reduction in complexity as well as cost. With Open Radisys, Radisys Corporation aims to drive service provide disruption and innovation while eliminating vendor lock in.

Turk Telekom Joins ONF
Turkey's oldest telecommunications company has joined the Open Networking Foundation.

ADTRAN Unveils SDN Orchestration for Access Networks
ADTRAN has introduced its Mosaic Cloud Platform, a control and orchestration solution for the company's Software Defined Access architecture.

Break Vendor Lock-in Using White Box Management
Today, many organizations have grown accustomed to the hardware layer management interface sold by traditional brand-name legacy server manufacturers which in turn have provided vendor lock-in mechanisms to keep customers hooked. Hardware layer management is a key tool for system administrators that has traditionally come as costly additional hardware and software licenses.

BT Tests Dell EMC Disaggregated Switches
BT is working with Dell EMC on a proof of concept trial that leverages disaggregated switching to allow for more flexible networking.

ADTRAN Introduces SD-Access Accelerator
ADTRAN's SD-Access Accelerator aims to help telcos move to more agile, SDN-type environments.

IBM India Aims to Advance Young Talent
IBM and the Telecom Sector Skill Council are creating and will deliver one-week courses in India. The curriculum will address big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and virtualization.

ONF Wraps on Latest SDN PoC
Recently, the Open Networking Foundation's Wireless Transport Project Team tested the open model laid out by the ONF to control wireless transport equipment.

HPE Open Networking Ecosystem Welcomes Big Switch
Big Switch Networks announced that it is the newest member of the HPE Open Networking ecosystem. In joining the HPE Open Networking ecosystem, the open networking community now has access to an expanded roster of software-defined networking solutions.

Lumina Leaps into SDN Market
Lumina Networks, Inc. announced its official entry into the SDN market. Leveraging assets acquired from Brocade Communications Systems and an SDN controller supported by OpenDaylight, Lumina is putting countless hours of development and innovation toward improving network performance.

Lanner, Brain4Net Boast OpenFlow First
This week, Lanner Electronics and Brain4Net entered into a partnership aimed at launching ONF-certified network appliances, optimized by the B4N Switch OS.

Are You Still Buying Custom Hardware for Your Packet Brokers?
In the software world, open source has been revolutionary and disruptive. This movement created Linux, which is the software running most data centers around the world, and Android, the most popular smartphone platform out there today. Along the way, massively powerful companies like Microsoft, Nokia, and Blackberry were disrupted - some to the brink of extinction.

Standard Coming Soon for Open Networking Security Testing
Spirent announced a collaborative effort to define a new open standard for testing network security performance. Teaming up with top security appliance and services vendors and certification labs, the project will offer insight to create improved industry security metrics.

Zeetta Networks Set on Expansion with Successful Funding Round
In earning attention for its software-defined innovation, this week Zeetta Networks garnered nearly $2.1 million in its most recent round of funding let by Bloc Ventures and a number of existing investors. The capital will be directed at expanding the development team and developing a channel strategy for service provider and enterprise market.

ONF Adds Deustche Telekom to Member Roster
Deutsche Telekom (DT) announced that it is joining ONF as a full Partner Member, highlighting the highest tier of investment and support in the ONF.

UNH-IOL Certifies Brain4Net's B4N SwitchOS
Network functions virtualization and software-defined network solutions provider Brain4Net Inc. has announced that its B4N SwitchOS has been certified by the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab. That ensures that x86-based appliances running Brain4Net's Network OS meet the technical requirements of an OpenFlow-based network.

Linux Foundation Launches Open Security Effort
The Linux Foundation has established the Open Security Controller Project. This effort is focused on centralizing security services orchestration for multi-cloud environments.

AT&T Makes Major Open Networking Investment
AT&T invested up to $200 million via venture funding initiatives into a venture capital fund aimed at accelerating connected services and platform technologies. The carrier is counting on Coral's Communications Industry Platform (CIP) to identify and invest in start-ups showing the opportunity for disruption.

Mellanox Means Business with Spectrum-2 Open Ethernet Switch
Mellanox unveiled the Spectrum-2, what it calls the "world's most scalable 200 and 400 gigabit open Ethernet switch solution." The new release was developed to add unparalleled scalability, as Mellanox notes an improvement in scalability by a factor of 10 in comparison with the competition, while also greatly improving power efficiency and introducing a slew of new capabilities.

Gartner Names Cumulus 'Visionary'
Open networking, Web-scale networking and cloud computing are just some of today's technologies that are set to serve networking far into the future. As network demands continue to increase, innovation must keep pace, and put enterprise to SMB in a position to succeed by supporting our SaaS-tastic era. While all are willing to admit the future is software-defined, flexible and open, others are grabbing the baton and running with it.