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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Stories
06/02/2017 Networking Gets Huge New Partnership Effort
04/20/2017 Pica8 Augments PicOS Network Operating System with Dell Support
04/04/2017 New ONOS Release Drives Open Networking
03/20/2017 Centec Networks Pushes Open Networking Options
03/16/2017 Open Networking Foundation Plans SDN, NFV Future
03/09/2017 Edgecore Networks' Open Networking Push Adds New Designs
03/02/2017 Cord Project's Open Networking Moves Include xRAN Foundation
02/17/2017 Luxar Tech's Leap Forward in Open Networking
02/16/2017 Open Networking's Future Poised to Unify
02/08/2017 SnapRoute Lands Funding to Push Open Networking
02/01/2017 Big Switch Networks Drives Open Networking Push
01/18/2017 Barefoot Networks Adds Partners to Open Networking
01/04/2017 Lanner's New Hardware Bolsters Open Networking
12/29/2016 Cumulus Networks Steps Up Open Networking
12/20/2016 Bell Canada Buttresses its Open Networking
12/07/2016 Radisys Supplies New Open Networking Specification
12/06/2016 Pica8, Cloudistics Step Up Open Networking
12/02/2016 Comcast Steps Into Open Networking Projects
11/22/2016 Pica8 Poised to Make a Splash in Several New Technologies
11/14/2016 Metro Networks About to Get a Shot of SDN / NFV with New Coalition Project
10/31/2016 Big Switch Networks Makes Big Jump to UK
10/17/2016 Infinera Establishes Interoperability with OIF, ONF Memberships
10/04/2016 Coriant Prepares New Platforms to Show Off
09/21/2016 STORDIS, Edgecore Networking Driving New European Front for Open Networking
09/20/2016 Ecode Networks Helps Open Up SDN with New Training, Certification Courses
09/16/2016 Orange Turning to AT&T for Open Source Help in SDN Development
08/23/2016 PLUMgrid's New CloudSecure System Means Better Protection for Cloud-Based Systems
08/04/2016 Raspberry Pi Proves Great Basis for SolidRun's New Open Networking Kit
07/19/2016 AT&T Throws Open the Curtains, Reveals Network Playbook to Open Source Community
07/12/2016 IP Infusion Brings the OcNOS Operating System to Edgecore Networks Switches
07/08/2016 Avaya's Architecture Changes Out to Improve the IoT Experience
07/06/2016 A Big Step for eintelligo Networks as it Embraces Open Networks from ONIE
03/17/2016 Open Source Software Development: Beating Vendor Lock-In
02/19/2016 The Year Ahead In Software Defined Networking