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DCspine Delivering for EuroFiber

December 08, 2017

While communication and collaboration may be the key to business, it all starts and finishes with network performance. The data center is at the heart of operations, and currently, the data center is in the midst of a bit of a makeover. Between the impending barrage that is the IoT, the rise of 4k and video popularity, or the need to store, transfer or analyze massive files the digital transformation is a much welcomed sight.

This week, Dell EMC (News - Alert) Networking announced it is lending Eurofiber a hand in offering a new way for data center interconnectivity for customers migrating to the cloud. EuroFiber leveraged Dell EMC Networking Z9100-ON (News - Alert) open switches to support the EuroFiber DCspine gain a fully-automated, scalable and high capacity data center interconnection platform.

The DCspine offers pre-configured ports for cloud providers to easily connect; flexible contract terms, high capacity and all products are available in each of EuroFiber’s 30 data centers located in the Netherlands.

"We developed DCspine to capitalize on the need for flexible datacenter connectivity required for cloud services," said Bart Oskam, CTO of the Eurofiber Group. "Dell (News - Alert) EMC enables DCspine to fully benefit from the advantages of software-defined networking building a future proof connectivity platform."

The cloud is no passing fad, and should be treated as such. It is creating a new world of networking, with service provider, network operators and the enterprise embracing this burgeoning technology with open arms. By moving to a more modern architecture, services are more agile and flexible, provided faster, and are far easier to scale.

"Eurofiber is breaking new ground with its DCspine initiative, creating a digital meet-point for enterprise customers and cloud resources through a new and innovative on-demand service offering," said Tom Burns, senior vice president, Dell EMC Networking, Enterprise Infrastructure & Service Provider Solutions. "We're excited to be working with Eurofiber, providing the Open Networking foundation for the DCspine initiative and turning this vision of transformation into reality."

The future of networking is software-defined and open, what’s in your network?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz