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What New with MEF's 3.0 Framework

November 15, 2017

They say that three is the perfect number. If that’s the case, the MEF (News - Alert) may really have something here. The industry association this week unveiled the MEF 3.0 Transformational Global Services Framework.

This provides a structure for defining, delivering, and certifying orchestrated communication services on automated networks. New with release 3.0 of this framework are expanded community collaboration; open LSO APIs; service and technology certifications; and standardized, orchestrated services.

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The expanded community collaboration comes in the form of a new compute, storage, and networking platform called MEFnet. This platform will allow for prototyping of MEF 3.0 implementations of commercial and open source solutions.

Two lifecycle service orchestration software development kits, which include LSO APIs, are now available from the MEF. They include an intra-provider API for network resource provisioning, and inter-provider APIs for address validation, ordering, and serviceability.

TM Forum (News - Alert) is pleased to collaborate with MEF by providing Open APIs to serve our joint vision and innovation roadmap for the industry,” says TM Forum CEO Nik Willetts. “TM Forum’s extensible Open APIs are designed to enable end to end service management, and MEF has already successfully extended four of the Forum’s Open APIs for domain specific applications. We look forward to further productive collaboration with MEF to help lead the industry forward together.”

MEF says it has also tweaked its certification programs, offered by Iometrix (News - Alert), “to accelerate availability and adoption of MEF 3.0 certified services and technologies.”

Referring to the standardized, orchestrated services component, MEF says release 3.0 addresses dynamic Carrier Ethernet, IP, SD-WAN, Security-as-a-Service, wavelength, and other virtualized services orchestrated over programmable networks using LSO APIs. “MEF 3.0 CE R1 is the first release within the MEF 3.0 framework, while work on standardizing orchestration-ready wavelength, IP, SD-WAN, and security services currently is progressing within MEF,” the group says.

“MEF 3.0 builds on the solid platform established by CE 2.0 and widens its scope to include services beyond Carrier Ethernet,” adds Mirko Voltolini, Head of Network on Demand at Colt. “We expect MEF 3.0 will replicate the success of CE 2.0 and accelerate carrier to carrier business interactions with the adoption of a rapid and agile approach to define standards.”

Edited by Mandi Nowitz