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MEF 17 Stage for ONAP, Fujitsu Innovation

November 14, 2017

Software-defined and open are two key characteristics of future-forward networking solutions. SDN is surging, and collaboration in development is driving this burgeoning technology to the fore of networking. This week, MEF17 is set to serve as the stage for a number of announcements in this nascent networking arena.

Fujitsu will debut a Proof of Concept this week at MEF (News - Alert) 17 that highlights the successful demonstration of network data collection and analytics to promote SDN-controlled service assurance. The PoC comes as a product of collaboration with other ONAP members with the aim of forwarding the mission of providing open, agile, assured and orchestrated services.

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 “We’re excited to see our members work together on PoCs to deliver new levels of automation and streamlined service creation. Just six months ago this degree of SDN/NFV innovation would not have been possible. That’s the power of combining resources and collaborating across 55 members that represent 55 percent of the world’s mobile subscribers,” explained Arpit Joshipura, general manager of networking & orchestration, The Linux Foundation.

Fujitisu and Amdocs (News - Alert) paired up to provide Layer 2 closed look dynamic bandwidth adjustment, powered by real-time analytics via customer microservice. One of the best ways to optimize the enterprise customer experience is through automatic bandwidth adjustment.

To control Layer 2 Ethernet Services and Layer 0-1 Open ROADM (News - Alert) networking, Fujitsu put its Virtuora Multivendor SDN Controller and 1FINITY Switch, Lambda and Transport series blades to work. By interfacing its network analytics microservice to ONAP Fujitsu (News - Alert) is able to showcase real time Layer 2 service assurance. One of the vital pieces to the puzzle, the multivendor, OpenDaylight-based Virtuoram as it allowed for integration with the MEF LSO framework and ONAP pre-release code.

“As a member of ONAP, Fujitsu is committed to driving the migration toward a software-centric industry, to enable simplified service creation and full automation. This PoC demonstrates that the vision of service delivery - on-demand, over any network – will soon be a reality,” noted Rod Naphan, SVP and chief technology officer at Fujitsu Network Communications (News - Alert), Inc.

The future of networking is here, are you ready?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz