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AT&T Says AI for All

November 01, 2017

Open source networking technology is a keystone of the next generation in solutions. Another key tenant of this new era is artificial intelligence (AI), and several major players are in the mix to enable access to this nascent technology.

This week, AT&T (News - Alert) announced its wishes to make AI available to all, and in order to deliver that it is collaborating with Tech Mahindra to develop Acumos – an open source AI platform hosted by the Linux Foundation (News - Alert) to enable easier building, sharing and deployment of AI applications.

"Our goal with open sourcing the Acumos platform is to make building and deploying AI applications as easy as creating a website," said Mazin Gilbert, vice president of Advanced Technology at AT&T Labs (News - Alert). "We're collaborating with Tech Mahindra to establish an industry standard for AI in the networking space. We invite others to join us to create a global harmonization in AI and set the stage for all future AI network applications and services."

AI was once thought simply a thing of science-fiction, but today is certainly coming to fruition. With the completion of the Acumos platform, comes a framework for machine learning solutions, offering the ability to edit, integrate, compose, package, train and deploy AI microservices.

The platform provides a user-friendly way to create customizable AI applications to suit business need – from content curation and autonomous cars to video analytics.

"Our investment in AI solutions over the past few years is helping us find tremendous opportunity to make it simpler for higher adoption," said Raman Abrol, SVP & Strategic Business Unit Head at Tech Mahindra. "In collaboration with AT&T, we will help enable enterprises apply AI to reimagine business models, unlock the potential of data and drive business outcomes. Our ultimate goal with the Acumos Project is to accelerate and industrialize the deployment of AI at enterprises and get developers and businesses to collaborate effectively in order to improve how we all live, work and play."

The across the board adoption of AI is an inevitability, especially when one is talking about an open source model.

Is your company working with AI?

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz