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Edgecore Contributes Disaggregated OLT Design to OCP

October 12, 2017

Edgecore Networks (News - Alert) has contributed a hardware design for a disaggregated 10G PON OLT to the Open Compute Project Foundation.

OLT devices terminate the optical distribution network link in the central office. But, new virtualized OLTs like the one Edgecore Networks offers can replace proprietary OLT devices with a combination of commodity hardware and open source software. That allows service providers to deploy 10G PON services from CORD infrastructure – and to enjoy lower their equipment costs, and the ability to introduce and improve services more quickly, as a result.

That dovetails with the goals of the Open Compute Project Foundation, which aims to make hardware more efficient, flexible, and scalable.

Speaking of CORD, that is an effort focused on rearchitecting telco facilities to be more like data centers. Once the telcos became aware of the benefits that companies like Facebook (News - Alert) were enjoying from using open technologies in their data centers, they wanted to do a similar thing in their own facilities.

Edgecore Networks has been working with service providers on testing its whitebox OLT hardware. And it’s been collaborating with partners, which have been developing software to integrate and manage the OLT in CORD deployments. Telefonica and Radisys Corp are among the companies with which Edgecore Networks has been working on these fronts.

“From the beginning of Telefónica’s OnLife Networks Innovation Project, Edgecore has actively collaborated with us in the design of the CLOS fabric for our GPON CORD-like POD, which should go into commercial trial shortly. We are pleased that Edgecore is contributing the design of their XGS-PON OLT to the open community, and we plan to incorporate it in our POD," said Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu, Chief Architect of the OnLife Project at Telefónica.

Neeraj Patel, Vice President and General Manager, Software and Services at Radisys, said it “strongly believes that future GPON networks will be built using open white-box OLT designs coupled with community led software. Radisys has successfully integrated Edgecore's ASXvOLT16 platform with ONT and VOLTHA software with Tier-1 service providers for residential CORD trials. We expect that VOLTHA based XGS-PON networks using Edgecore’s OLTs will gain significant traction for field deployments and provide a compelling costs advantage."

Open Compute Project Foundation CTO Bill Carter noted that Edgecore has contributed 15 hardware design contributions to the OCP Networking Project. That includes designs related to data center switches, modular network platforms, Wi-Fi access points, PoE access switches, and service provider edge switches.

“We welcome Edgecore’s new contribution of the 10G PON OLT design to the Telco Project, especially as its conformance to the spec previously contributed by AT&T (News - Alert) demonstrates the collaboration among OCP members that accelerates the availability of open infrastructures for new use cases,” said Carter.

The OCP effort was established several years ago when Facebook, along with Andy Bechtolsheim, Goldman Sachs, Intel (News - Alert), and Rackspace came together to help spur the creation of hyperscale networking solutions, which weren’t available in the marketplace at the time. OCP has since enabled Facebook to save billions.

And Fidelity Investments, which is among the other companies that have embraced OCP, has saved at least 20 percent on its data center electric bills as result.

Recognizing the benefits of OCP, communications services providers like AT&T, DT, Orange, SK Telecom (News - Alert), and Verizon then wanted to get involved with OCP.  And then many companies in the supplier community did too.

Edgecore Networks is at the SDN NFV World Congress this week in The Hague exhibiting its whitebox OLT solution. The ASXvOLT16 has 16 XFP ports supporting 10G XGS-PON or NG-PON2 and four 100 gigabit Ethernet QSFP28 uplinks. It conforms to the AT&T Open XGS-PON 1RU OLT specification contributed to the OCP Telco Project. It’s based on the Broadcom StrataDNX switch and PON PAC SOC merchant silicon. It supports the Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction interface to centralized PON management software in CORD infrastructure.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz