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Radisys Reveling in Open Network Solutions

September 08, 2017

The challenges faced by Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are quite formidable today to remain in the fore. A highly competitive market makes for growth and innovation. Sometimes heading in a new direction is exactly what is needed; and this new direction is an open architecture. Open networking supports interoperability, integration and makes solutions, services and technologies that much easier to consume.

Open Radisys is committed to disruption in this era of disruption. As CSPs invest in maturing technologies like SDN, NFV, the cloud, the value in open principles become self evident – such as avoiding vendor lock in, a reduction in complexity as well as cost. With Open Radisys, Radisys Corporation aims to drive service provide disruption and innovation while eliminating vendor lock in.

Radisys is able to do this by supporting platforms that support open, disaggregated architectures that deliver improved performance and scale; open interfaces push interoperability, removing investment risk by providing technological expertise; a focus on investing in open ecosystems that prioritize innovation; and a DevOps philosophy for rapid integration and turn up.

Brian Bronson, president and CEO, Radisys, explained "Open Radisys is our commitment to enable CSPs to disrupt their traditional networks with open architecture business models. With no material legacy incumbency in telecom networks, we're able to help CSPs embrace open standards as they get ready for 5G. If a service provider wants to replace a traditional hardware vendor, decompose a particular network element, deploy an open reference implementation such as CORD or an open source radio access network, we get it done. Open Radisys is the best choice for open telecom solutions and I'm excited about the outlook for Radisys in this new DevOps era."

Staying along this line of thinking, Radisys announced recently that the Radisys DCEngine received certification from the OCP (News - Alert) incubation committee, which further demonstrates the power of open solutions and the success Radisys is experiencing working with CSPs.

The future is feature-rich and open. The benefits of an open network architecture are plentiful. For those already delving into open solutions, they know. Others, it’s time to hop on board.

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Edited by Erik Linask

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