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ONF Wraps on Latest SDN PoC

August 16, 2017

The concept of open networking is not new. However, the expanded presence of this burgeoning notion is building momentum. Driven by innovation and groups like the Open Networking Foundation, open networking will be around to stand the test of time, with more evidence coming this week.

Recently, the Open Networking Foundation’s Wireless Transport Project Team tested the open model laid out by the ONF to control wireless transport equipment. The end goal is simply to drive adoption and development of applications utilizing open source software and open interfaces to support SDN in microwave networks.

The location of this round of testing: Deutsche Telekom’s Bonn facility. A number of vendors took part in the process, with a list that includes AT&T, Telefonica (News - Alert), Ceragon, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei, NEC, Nokia, SIAE, ZTE, ADVA Optical Networking, DragonWave, Aviat, ELVA-1, Intracom Telecom (News - Alert), Frinx and Highstreet Technologies – not to mention Deutsche Telekom. From installations and setup, various phases of testing as well as recording, analyzation and a post test de-brief discussion, nearly 40 representatives from the abovementioned companies took part.

In specific, this round of testing intended to illustrate microwave transport deployed in a multivendor microwave network, while following the parameters put in place by ONF TR-532 and managed using the ODL Boron open source SDN controller SR1 version. The result, a showcase of a basic connection-oriented Ethernet model integrated within the ONF Core Information Model.

Standby, as the Open Transport Working Group is gathering the results and is in the process of putting together a white paper to get granular, and provide an industry resource for supporting SDN in microwave networks.

The network is neck deep in a remodel. The digital era demands more, it’s that simple. And open networking, open source solution provide pieces that play well with others – cutting down on headaches and cost, while delivering exceptional performance.

What’s in your network? 

Edited by Alicia Young

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