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Lumina Leaps into SDN Market

August 07, 2017

In Pac-Man like fashion, software is gobbling up the network. Software defined networking solutions introduce new levels of flexibility and performance at a pocket friendly price point. This, in conjunction with the open networking movement, is driving change in enterprise networking, unveiling a new era, and a new look for engineers, service providers and end users.

Today, Lumina Networks, Inc. announced its official entry into the SDN market. Leveraging assets acquired from Brocade (News - Alert) Communications Systems and a SDN controller supported by OpenDaylight, Lumina is putting countless hours of development and innovation toward improving network performance.

“Our job is to be the catalyst to help service providers bring open software networking out of the lab and into their live network,” said Andrew Coward, chief executive officer, Lumina Networks. “We started Lumina Networks to ensure providers can use open source in critical use cases. But just delivering technology is not enough. Our customers are doing the implementation with us, so they can learn and acquire the skills, tools and practices needed to develop and manage the platforms we jointly deploy.”

Many view the migration from hardware to software as quite a leap, but aiding in this transition is open source software. For this reason, Lumina’s preferred open source controller is OpenDaylight, as its preferred open source controller, empowering service providers to both control SDN implementations but also avoid vendor lock-in, providing the flexibility to truly customize the deployment.

Another point of note is that Lumina will work with customers to mold network engineering and operations teams. Lumina NetDev Services is aiding in creating production systems utilizing agile methodology to improve and accelerate the development process.

In specific, the Lumina SDN portfolio is as follows:

  • Lumina Zero Touch Installer – a controller based application, which initializes devices with the appropriate configuration and software image automatically
  • Lumina SDN Controller – a tested, quality assured and documented edition of OpenDaylight
  • Lumina Flow Manager – a controller based application, which leverages advanced algorithms for a more simplified experience when working with sophisticated traffic engineering.

“By embracing openness and layering innovation, Lumina can claim a distinct differentiation in the SDN market,” said Ray Mota (News - Alert), chief executive officer and principal analyst, ACG Research.  “With a leading SDN Controller, an experienced team of software engineers and a roster of large service providers as customers, Lumina will help network operators expand their use of SDN so they can save time and money.”

Software-defined solutions are playing a revolutionary role in networking. Offering new levels of freedom, flexibility and high-flying performance, change is at hand.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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