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ONF Adds Deustche Telekom to Member Roster

July 21, 2017

Networking is in the midst of a renaissance period, breathing new life into infrastructure, paving the way for more efficient, cost effective and high performing software defined, open solutions. A key organization in the movement toward open networking, and driving disruption through innovation in SDN, NFV and the cloud, the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) gained a new member this week.

Deutsche Telekom (News - Alert) (DT) announced that it is joining ONF as a full Partner Member, highlighting the highest tier of investment and support in the ONF. The most effective way to build momentum in the open networking movement is operator membership, as it showcases commitment and creates results.  

“DT has set up the internal Access 4.0 program dedicated to CORD, ONOS and bare-metal hardware,” said Walter Goldenits, CTO at Telekom Deutschland. “We believe that these open source projects are at the forefront of a promising movement that enables our industry to manage the data growth in the most efficient way. Our partnership is a commitment to support ONF's mission and making it a success.”

Incumbent members like AT&T (News - Alert), China Unicorn, Google, Comcast, Verizon and NTT Communications welcome DT to the consortium. And, I’d expect these “magnificent seven” to make major strides in the open networking movement with a focus in critical areas like packet-optical backbones, data center, mobile and wireless access, fixed access and mobile core.

“We are thrilled to add a major global European operator as a top-level ONF partner,” said Guru Parulkar, executive director of ONF and Stanford Platform Lab. “The addition of Deutsche Telekom complements our operator leadership with a valued European perspective, endorsing our vision and providing a notable indicator of our growing impact worldwide. We are deeply appreciative of the commitment DT is making to the ONF, and conversely we are committed to ensuring DT's success with its ambitious plans for CORD and ONOS.”

The future is open and software defined. Get on board or get out of the way. Groups like ONF have the right idea.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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