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Linux Foundation Launches Open Security Effort

July 12, 2017

The Linux Foundation (News - Alert) has established the Open Security Controller Project. This effort is focused on centralizing security services orchestration for multi-cloud environments.

This effort aims to:

  • allow organizations to choose the SDN and security suppliers of their choice;
  • apply the correct policy to appropriate workloads;
  • automate the deployment of virtualized network security functions like application data controllers, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems; and
  • broker services among cloud management platforms.

Huawei, Intel (News - Alert), McAfee, Nuage Networks from Nokia, and Palo Alto Networks are the founding members of the Open Security Controller Project. Technology for this project is licensed under Apache 2.

This project has been established now to help the industry address the fact that physical security systems are limited in that they can only inspect traffic at the perimeter and have limited visibility into virtualized workloads, according to The Linux Foundation. The group says this project will help formulate more sophisticated security solutions that can work across multiple data centers and SD/cloud technologies, and that will address growing traffic requirements and the rise of hybrid cloud and private clouds.

“Software-defined networks are becoming a standard for businesses, and open source networking projects are a key element in helping the transition, and pushing for a more automated network,” commented Arpit Joshipura (News - Alert), general manager of networking and orchestration at The Linux Foundation. “Equally important to automation in the open source community is ensuring security. The Open Security Controller Project touches both of these areas.” 

Brian Dye, executive vice president of the corporate products group at McAfee (News - Alert), added, “As organizations move their workloads to SDDC environment, SDN becomes a key element in delivering orchestration and automation for security controls along with infrastructure. We’re proud to support McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform integration with Open Security Controller to secure workloads by protecting east/west traffic. We are excited that the Open Security Controller Project is now part of the Linux Foundation, thereby standardizing security orchestration across multi-cloud environments.”

Edited by Alicia Young

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