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Mellanox Means Business with Spectrum-2 Open Ethernet Switch

July 07, 2017

Everything in enterprise starts at the data center; a high performing network sets the tone for overall success. Whether you’re a service provider seeking to add new and innovative services or a Fortune 50 banking institution, network performance is absolutely mission critical. In a world where seconds matter, agile, scalable and “high octane” networking solutions can mean the difference in making millions or floundering in failure.

This week, Mellanox (News - Alert) unveiled the Spectrum-2, what it calls the “world’s most scalable 200 and 400 gigabit open Ethernet switch solution.” The new release was developed to add unparalleled scalability, as Mellanox notes an improvement in scalability by a factor of 10 in comparison with the competition, while also greatly improving power efficiency and introducing a slew of new capabilities.

In terms of connectivity, Spectrum (News - Alert)-2 offers a range Ethernet connectivity options: 16 ports of 400GbE, 32 ports of 200GbE, 64 ports of 100GbE and 128 ports of 50GbE and 25GbE. It also adds increased flexibility and port density, which allows for cloud optimization, big data, enterprise data centers, financial, artificial intelligence applications, and more,

“In the world of networking, capacity is king, and Mellanox does it again with Spectrum-2, pushing the limits on port speeds, densities, packet buffer size, and functionality,” said JR Rivers, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Cumulus Networks. “Our customers are on the forefront of applying web-scale principles in their data centers, and Spectrum-2 enables our customers to build high performance networks that leverages programmability capabilities and leading edge telemetry-based fabric validation.”

IT pros are provided with a feature-rich, out of the box solution that promises adaptive routing and load balancing with zero packet loss and unconditional port performance. And, Spectrum-2 eases migration from 10G infrastructures to 25G, 50G or 100G speeds.

For those with the legacy Spectrum in place, fret not, as Mellanox made things easy by keeping the same API, and supports all standard operating systems.

Digital transformation is at hand; if you’re not in the process of looking into network modernization, it’s time. A revolution is at hand, make sure your data center and campus network are ready for what the future holds.

 Mellanox has the right idea – feature-rich and future forward.

Rule # 76 – No excuses, play like a champion.

Edited by Alicia Young

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