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ADTRAN Introduces New CATV FTTH Solution

June 01, 2017

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are three words are most commonly associated with physical objects like food containers. But they could also be used to describe some types of networking technology as well. ADTRAN (News - Alert) Inc.’s new Radio Frequency over Glass solution with Optical Beat Interference mitigation is among those technologies.

This ADTRAN offering allows for the reuse of cable TV infrastructure at the service provider’s head-end and at user homes. It also helps cable TV companies like the big multiple system operators to ensure quality of service as they transition from existing hybrid fiber/coax networks to infrastructure based on gigabit-speed fiber-to-the-home technology.

“The need to support reliable voice and ultra-fast broadband is key to securing lucrative triple play revenues for MSOs in a changing competitive landscape,” said Erik Keith, principal analyst at GlobalData. “As MSOs look to build out their fiber infrastructure to support rich video content, ADTRAN RFoG OBI solutions allow them to deliver the requisite customer experience while accelerating FTTH service by reliably reusing their existing RF infrastructure.”

That quality assurance is possible due to the Optical Beat Interference mitigation part of this ADTRAN solution. Optical Beat Interference mitigation reduces the problem cable TV MSOs run into as they handle more simultaneous upstream optical transmissions by multiple cable modems on their networks. Without this technology, these networks and the customers served by them can experience impaired reception of their social media, live video, and voice communications, ADTRAN explains.

 “By deploying our MicroNodes, ADTRAN cable MSO customers are afforded a more simplified approach to OBI mitigation and FTTH expansion, one that is compatible with both 1G and 10G EPON and transparent to the existing CATV assets like in-home set top boxes,” said Hossam Salib, vice president of cable and wireless strategy at ADTRAN. “MSOs are not only looking for these critical RFoG advantages, but demand an OBI mitigation that avoids constructing centralized cabinets that delay time-to-market and require a large amount of up front capital. The ADTRAN RFoG solution is the next evolution as we continue to expand our presence within the cable MSO access network.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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