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Edgecore Networks' Open Networking Push Adds New Designs

March 09, 2017

Open networking continues to play a major role in the development and operation of networks, and Edgecore Networks (News - Alert) is working hard to build the necessary tools to make open networking a reality for more firms. Recently, at the Open Compute Project (OCP (News - Alert)) Summit, Edgecore demonstrated an array of new systems that would help drive this technology into more users' hands.

More specifically, Edgecore demonstrated both a new 25 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch that worked on a top-of-rack basis, as well as a 100 GbE spine switch geared toward driving down costs at data center networks, particularly those that handle a lot of data volume. Plus, Edgecore also demonstrated two new 802.1ac Wi-Fi access point systems, giving both managed service providers (MSPs) and software partners new options in offering open access networks.

It also brought out some new hardware platforms at the event, including a modular packet optical switch that allows for Ethernet networking at rates up to 100 GbE to go with both digital coherent optics (DCO) and analog coherent optics (ACO) systems, and there were other systems in play besides.

For anyone who thought that these new developments might be simple flashes in the pan, a refuting point was brought up by the co-leads of the OCP's networking project, Scott Emery and Omar Baldonado, who noted “Edgecore has made important contributions to the OCP Networking Project, having contributed 10 GbE, 40 GbE and 100 GbE switch designs, as well as a modular platform which supports up to 512 x 100 GbE ports and open Wi-Fi Access Points. We welcome Edgecore’s new contributions which expand hardware designs in our growing community for 100G networking and open networks for campus, branch and wireless.”

That's no shortage of new advancement summed up in just one quote, and there was plenty else that's only recently been unveiled. Edgecore obviously wants a bigger stake in open networking, and given how much of the market is moving in that direction, Edgecore's plan could end up giving it quite a bit of the market to go along with it. The old strategy of selling shovels in a gold rush is both well-known and highly effective, and that may be what Edgecore has on tap for its users here.

Regardless of Edgecore's overall plan, one thing is clear: Edgecore certainly has a lot to offer, and the sheer amount of products and technologies it has already both brought out and is currently demonstrating make it one of the leaders on the open networking front. We should expect to see still more coming out of this company, and fairly soon.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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