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Netronome Introduces Express Virtio

October 26, 2016

Netronome (News - Alert) is now in betas with Express Virtio versions of its Agilio OVS, Agilio OVS Firewall, and Agilio vRouter. Production versions of the software are slated for availability in the fourth quarter of this year or first quarter of next year.

“Cloud providers need to enable customers to bring their own hardware-independent VMs while providing an underlying infrastructure that transparently delivers hardware-accelerated performance, pervasive security at scale, and accurate, timely network analytics,” said Sujal Das (News - Alert), chief strategy and marketing officer at Netronome. “With our OEM partners, Netronome is pioneering OpenStack networking, delivering hardware accelerated and easily deployable solutions for the private and public cloud markets for the first time in the industry.”

Express Virtio addresses operational, performance, and server efficiency challenges, delivering SR-IOV-level performance with VM mobility. With this new technology, also known as XVIO, virtual machines can be managed with OpenStack for bare-metal-like performance and hardware independence.

It is based on industry standards and open source technologies including DPDK, SR-IOV, and Virtio. It is easy to integrate with open source and commercial server networking software. And Express Virtio is part of Netronome’s Agilio Server Networking Platform, which is integrated with Ericsson’s (News - Alert) Cloud SDN and Juniper’s Open Contrail vRouter products.

An Oct. 26 Netronome blog by Mark Guinther discusses how the company’s Agilio OVS server package has been awarded Mirantis Unlocked Validated status on Mirantis OpenStack 8.0. The package and intelligent server adapters, he explains, provide OVS offload for OpenStack compute servers, freeing up processor cores and providing double-digit gigabit Ethernet wire speeds. He also talks about Netronome’s filing of a requrest for enhancement with the OpenStack Neutron project seeking more flexibility to support intelligent server adapter capabilities in OpenStack compute nodes.

“The Netronome RFE suggests modifications to OpenStack Nova and Neutron to allow more granular plugging logic semantics for OpenStack implementations,” he wrote. “It can be found on the Neutron project Launchpad.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle