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Inocybe Unleashes OpenDaylight Offering, Announces Solaris Support

September 13, 2016

The OpenDaylight platform from Inocybe is now available and supports Oracle (News - Alert) Solaris, the company announced the week.

OpenDaylight platforms can centralize control and integration management in heterogeneous environments including physical and virtual networks, and can change network configurations quickly and dynamically. That enables users to deploy flexible IT infrastructure to address changing business environments.

The Inocybe software-as-a-service platform was designed to create and provide enterprise-grade OpenDaylight instances for software-defined networking deployments and enables users to employ the hardware of their choice. It can be used to address campus-wide security enforcement, network virtualization with OpenStack, and wide area network optimization.

It features the ability to create a use case-driven distribution from a recipe of ODL components; an annual subscription for platform and instances; continuous integration/continuous deployment lifecycle management for ODL; and tiered pricing plans based on custom development needs, recipes, and support. Available now, subscription tiers include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, which are based on the number of recipes and level of technical support.

"We are excited that the culmination of years of development with OpenDaylight, and being a top contributor to the OpenDaylight project, has resulted in a robust OpenDaylight platform, building upon the work we have done with enterprises, operators, services providers, and networking vendors" said Mathieu Lemay, CEO of Inocybe Technologies. "We are even more excited that Oracle has entrusted us to work together as partners, and build support for Solaris within our OpenDaylight distribution."

Inocybe describes itself as a pure-play OpenDaylight company. It supplies services, software, support, and training.

Oracle Solaris is a Unix operating system for use in Oracle and third-party deployments in the cloud. With release 11.2, Oracle says it turned Solaris into a cloud platform including OpenStack, software-defined networking, and virtualization. Oracle announced the beta of Solaris 11.3 in July of last year, and next week at OpenWorld 2016 will provide a preview of the next release of Solaris.

Edited by Maurice Nagle