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Comcast Steps Into Open Networking Projects

Comcast joins up with ON.Lab, adding new weight to open networking and to its own projects.


Brocade Provides Quanta With Software-Defined Networking

Brocade provides Quanta Computer with networking technology so it can deploy Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to bring its manufacturing facilities together.


Pica8 Poised to Make a Splash in Several New Technologies

Pica8 to drive open networking advancements as part of new Inventec options.


Flexibility or Performance? Netronome Delivers Both

Marc Andressen famously noted years back that software is eating the world, and today we are seeing this in the growing adoption of burgeoning technologies like NFV and SDN. While adoption grows as a result of software's flexible and cost-saving nature, with every decision comes consequences, and in regard to virtualization it tends to take shape in performance.


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