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Arizona State University Selects Brocade to Power Research Initiatives

As the largest public university by enrollment, Arizona State University (ASU) had more than 82,000 students in 2014. When you add faculty and other staff members, the network needed to deliver information and communications technology services is practically that of a small city, but with the added requirements for facilities that conduct highly resource intensive research. In order to ensure the universities innovative research projects don't encounter network related problems, Brocade has been selected to deploy ASU's software-defined network (SDN).


PLUMgrid's New CloudSecure System Means Better Protection for Cloud-Based Systems

With cloud-based systems' use increasingly on the rise throughout the business community, it's not a great leap to note that we need better security on those systems to help ensure the data contained therein doesn't fall into the wrong hands. PLUMgrid has one terrific new option for those putting containers and OpenStack cloud systems to work in its recently-launched CloudSecure system.


Open vSwitch Joins Linux Foundation and Takes Prominent Role in Network Transformation

The march toward open source technologies and solutions has become pervasive in the networking world as developers look for new ways to improve network speeds and efficiencies. The open source virtual switch initiative, Open vSwitch (OVS), is one of the key networking solutions, designed to help networking keep pace with cloud computing and virtualization initiatives.


Pica8 Picks Stordis for European Distribution

The power of choice is something special in today's vendor driven networking environment. Once merchant hardware is in place, a firm should be able to build a network to support traffic needs, and have the scalability to meet demand over time. A prominent player in Software Defined Network (SDN) Solutions, Pica8 provides customizable application performance via its Linux-based PicOS network operating system, and today announced its selection of Stordis to serve as its European distributor.


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