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SDN Pioneers Partner to Push Adoption & Innovation

Software Defined Networking is surging currently. Curiosity in this burgeoning technology is resulting in high levels of development, pushing the line of what is capable in today's networking environment. As a result of this growing interest and expanding adoption two pioneers in this arena joined forces to accelerate the SDN push.


Infinera Establishes Interoperability with OIF, ONF Memberships

Interoperability is a wonderful thing, and generally for every side of the equation. Not only do businesses get more access to new components and equipment, but those who supply such materials get access to more markets. Recently, Infinera opened up its own borders with a new interoperability connection, joining both the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF).


Pica8 Puts You in the Driver Seat with Industry First Implementation

Market leadership is no small task. It leaves no room for resting on laurels, especially in regard to technology. As we watch software development take center stage with SDN and the like, to remain ahead of the competition is much easier said than done. One firm, focused on leading way, Pica8, announced the first OpenFlow 1.5 implementation for white box switching this week.


NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology Reveal NaaS Solution

Generating new sources of revenue for traditional communication service providers (CSP's) is becoming increasingly more difficult. One of the ways CSP's are overcoming this hurdle is by introducing new products to market much faster via virtualized network infrastructure. The availability of the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution from NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology will, according to the companies, help service providers generate new revenue in both B2B and residential markets.


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